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Title: 2018, a year of remembrance: project proposals and partner search
Post by: Robert on February 27, 2016, 02:09:33 PM
For many European countries, the year 2018 is a year full of commemorable dates. The EU for Citizens ( program recognizes the following dates for the period 1918 - 2018:

1918 The end of the WWI – the rise of nation states (including Czechoslovakia) and the failure to create a European cooperation and peaceful coexistence

1938/1939 Beginning of WWII

1948 Beginning of the Cold War

1948 The Hague Congress and the integration of Europe

1968 Protest and civil rights movements, invasion to Czechoslovakia, student protests and anti-Semitic campaign in Poland

I have to contact the EU, but the one I am most interested in is not there: 1618.

The year 1618 is the start of the Thirty Year War (1618-1648). The start of that war was in Prague, and the fighting started in earnest around our Nove Hrady. The effects of this war are visible even today, although most people do not realize this. The Thirty Year War is the deciding Europa-wide war about the religion, freedom, and the old against the new.

It put the largely conservative, catholic Imperial forces of the extensive Hapsburg family in Southern and Central-East Europe against the more liberal, mostly protestant forces of Northwestern Europe. The lines drawn then resonate even today throughout Europe.

Not for the first or the last, the Czech lands were on the border and were the tipping point where it started. The Czech nobility was leaning protestant, but in the end lost and the Czech lands came fully under the Hapsburg Emporium for the next 300 year. Interesting is that in 1938, WW II started here as well with the Munchen accords. In 1968, the Russians invasion after the Prague spring uprising.

Enough dates in 2018 for a  larger Citizens for Europe project but I want to get Newcastles and other parties interested in a large 1648 - 2018 project. More later, maybe we can use "Canada" as a first preparatory meeting.